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Lookout Point Winery is a small winery dedicated to producing high quality unique wines at a reasonable price.


We make wines that have full varietal character with interesting and delicious contributions of terroir. The richness of the process of winemaking is as important to us as the quality of the end product. Every moment of the often tense and frequently exhilarating process is focused on the strict demands of creating a highly refined and complex end result that evokes the subtle flavors from the previous stages it had gone through. Our wines are made to age well, blending both new world and European traditional techniques, yet with all the advantages of cutting edge technology. Producing wines on a small scale allows us to monitor the wine frequently, to assure that when it is experienced by a well educated audience, it is a rareified artistic experience; a communication from the grape plant, the soil, and the winemaker to you.


Being small allows us a range of freedoms that are becoming rare in many wineries, such as exclusively using barrels for storage, control over of timing to bottle, and decisions that are driven more by quality than market considerations.


We also believe in educating ourselves and our customers in enological technology, developing rigorous procedures that are as standardized as possible, and continuously updating equipment.


What all of this comes down to is that we believe our wine is a delicacy to be savored and shared during moments as full of meaning for you as our wine is with flavor.

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